Tara Buse: A Skilled Scientist Driving Progress at Southern RNA

Spotlight on Tara

Southern RNA is pleased to spotlight Tara Buse, a Senior Scientist who has been a valuable member of our team for the past year. Tara joined Southern RNA after completing her studies at the University of Queensland, where she obtained an honours degree in biotechnology with a focus on nanotechnology. Her professional experience includes roles at Luina Bio and Vaxxas, where she developed skills in various aspects of drug substance and drug product manufacturing.

At Southern RNA, Tara has applied her knowledge, particularly in Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF), to improve our mRNA manufacturing processes. Her work is essential in advancing research-based projects to higher quality processes that satisfy the strict regulations for first in human (FIH) clinical trials. Tara's efforts support Southern RNA's goal of setting new benchmarks for quality in biomanufacturing, ensuring that our processes comply with the highest standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Tara's career development at Southern RNA

Tara was drawn to Southern RNA by the chance to work directly with the expanding field of mRNA technology. She was especially interested in contributing to the development of the company's quality management system and manufacturing procedures from the ground up. This involvement has allowed her to significantly shape Southern RNA's direction, ensuring that our processes surpass industry standards.

As Southern RNA continues to grow and expand its facilities, Tara's role has evolved accordingly. She foresees further progression in her career towards an operations lead position, taking on new challenges and opportunities that arise with the scaling up of our operations. Tara's commitment to her work and her capacity for leadership and innovation have been crucial to Southern RNA's success.

Industry engagement

Tara's accomplishments, such as her well-received presentation at the bio processing network conference and her guidance in developing our quality management system, demonstrate her dedication to excellence. She sees her work at Southern RNA as a distinctive opportunity to take ownership of her contributions and make a real difference in the biotech industry.

Tara is confident about the future of the mRNA industry, particularly in Australia, where she has observed increased interest and investment. She is enthusiastic about Southern RNA's position in this changing landscape and our ability to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality in biomanufacturing.

Mentoring the next generation

In addition to her technical work, Tara is dedicated to fostering future talent in the biotech field. She actively engages with students and the academic community to promote career opportunities and encourage collaboration between industry and academia.

Tara Buse's journey at Southern RNA illustrates the power of individual expertise and collaborative effort in driving our company's progress. Her story demonstrates the significant impact one person can have in a dynamic and cooperative environment, and we look forward to her ongoing contributions shaping the future of Southern RNA and the biotech industry as a whole.

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