What we offer

Southern RNA offers flexible pDNA & mRNA production platforms providing high-quality R&D grade and GMP-Start™ grade with cost-effective pricing and competitive delivery time from mg-scale up to g-scale of purified material.

  • Molecular Engineering, microbial cell bank production, Plasmid DNA production (linear and supercoiled), and mRNA production services.

  • Proprietary production and purification methods yielding high-quality products at affordable prices

  • Consistent manufacturing processes with lot traceability and quality oversight

  • Single-use manufacturing options available

Our GMP-Start™ plasmid can be used as mRNA or viral vector manufacturing starting material (e.g., AAV, adenovirus, or lentivirus) for in vitro or in vivo applications.

Our GMP-Start™ mRNA can be used as mRNA drug substance material (e.g., LNP-mRNA vaccine, CAR-T cell manufacturing) for in vitro or in vivo applications.

You can count on us for

  • Platform scalable manufacturing and analytical testing processes

  • Quality documentation

  • Time-sensitivity

  • Expert knowledge and technical support in nucleic acid design, synthesis, purification, and analytical testing

  • Phase-appropriate quality documentation and regulatory support


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