Catalog No: NCT0001A

Co Cap™ A is an mRNA co-transcriptional cap analog that enhances the translational efficiency of mRNA molecules and protect against 5’-3’ exonuclease degradation.

  • Cap analog – Ammonium salt of cap analog used in co-transcriptional capping of messenger RNA

  • 5’ Cap 1 mRNA – use Co Cap™ A directly in you mRNA IVT*

  • Flexible packaging – Off-the-shelf and bulk option (powder or solution form)

  • Scalable – mg to Kg order quantities with rapid turnaround times

  • Custom order – Sodium salt form and other Cap also available

  • Grade Options – Research or GMP-Grade available


*requires modified T7 RNA polymerase promoter


Pack Size Quantity Price* (AUD) Availability
20 µL 2 µmol $320 In stock
100 µL 10 µmol $1,500  In stock
1 mL 100 µmol $8,600  In stock
5 mL 500 µmol Contact us  In stock
Custom/Bulk Contact us TBC

*Shipping not included, free shipping for order > $8,000 (domestic only)


Assay Method
Appearance Visual Inspection
Concentration UV Spectrophotometry
Identity (exact mass) Mass Spectrometry
Identity (structure) NMR Spectrometry (1H and 31P)
Purity HPLC
pH USP <791>
Conductivity USP <644>
Endotoxin Kinetic Chromogenic LAL
Bioburden USP <61>
Residual Solvents USP Residual Solvents: GC-MS
Elemental Impurities ICP-MS
Ammonium Ion Concentration Ion Chromatography

High Quality & Affordable

Co Cap™ A is cost-effective and can support parallel development of your candidates, relieving your budget of Cap cost. Our reagent is available in two grades (research and GMP), and will be able to carry your research and development all the way to commercial manufacturing

  • Consistent Quality – Co Cap™ A’s proprietary manufacturing process ensures batch-to-batch consistency and high purity.

  • Increase Efficacy – The use of Co Cap™ A results in mRNA molecules with a higher level of stability, leading to increased efficacy of mRNA-based therapeutics.

  • Broad ApplicationsCo Cap™ A is compatible with a wide range of mRNA-based therapeutic applications, including vaccines, gene therapies, and cancer treatments.


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