Research Grade mRNA

Ready-to-order high quality mRNA products (capped and modified) produced with care and proprietary production methods including double-stranded RNA clearance for increased safety profile and reduced risk of immune-inflammatory reactions. Targets includes:

  • eGFP

  • Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)

  • Ovalbumin (OVA) – Coming soon


Quality Control

Our research grade reagents are tested by our QC team with strong technical capabilities and expertise for nucleic acid analytics. Each batch of reagent comes with a Certificate of Analysis to ensure reproducible quality for your experiment. You can count on us for:

  • Most comprehensive Nucleic Acid analytical platform in Australia

  • Assay and method development – Stay up to date with latest analytics innovation

  • Qualified and calibrated analytical equipment – our assays are documented and qualified and managed under our Quality Management System



Assay Method
Appearance Visual Inspection
Concentration UV Spectrophotometry
Purity (A260/A280) UV Spectrophotometry
Identity AGE and Sequencing
Purity CGE or HPLC
pH USP <791>
Conductivity USP <644>
Endotoxin Kinetic Chromogenic LAL
Bioburden USP <61>
Impurity qPCR, NanoOrange, ELISA

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