What we offer

Southern RNA offers a comprehensive analytical platform for nucleic acid product, combined with the knowledge and experience of our team of talented scientists.

  • Analysis of plasmid DNA, mRNA, cap analogs, etc.

  • Assay/Method development, qualification, validation, and verification

  • Support with design and implementation of stability studies on nucleic acid products

  • Suite of qualified and calibrated analytical equipment for rapid bioburden/sterility testing, UV-Vis spectrophotometry, endotoxin testing, sanger sequencing, microscopy, microbiological analysis, compendial testing, chromatography, etc.

You can count on us for

  • Strong technical capabilities and expertise for analytical testing, review, and release of critical raw materials and finished products with detailed certificate of analysis supplied

  • Quality management system with good documentation practices implemented with CAPA and deviation handling procedures in place

Analytical panel for testing and stability studies

We develop cutting-edge Process Analytics Technologies (PAT) and offer quality control testing to support high-quality manufacturing of pDNA and mRNA modalities.


Assay pDNA mRNA
Product Appearance

Sequence Identity

Bioburden Testing

Conductivity Analysis(USP <644>)

pH Analysis (USP<791>)


Sterility Testing (USP <71>)

Purity (HPLC)

Identification by AGE

Identification by CGE

Purity (AGE)

Purity (UV spec.)

Quantitation of Residual Protein

Poly-A tail length Analysis

Restriction Endonuclease Analysis

DNA Homogeneity (AGE)

DNA Homogeneity (HPLC)

Quantitation of Residual Antibiotics

Quantitation of Residual Host Genomic DNA

Quantitation of Residual Host RNA

Capping Efficiency Analysis (HPLC)

Quantitation of Residual dsRNA

Quantitation of Residual pDNA

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