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Welcome to Southern RNA, where we manufacture high-quality mRNA raw materials and drug substance as a CDMO in Australia.  Our mission is to deliver safe and effective solutions worldwide.  We continually strive to enhance our capabilities and be at the forefront of innovation.

About Southern RNA

Southern RNA is an Australian company that produces cutting-edge mRNA raw material and vaccines.  Our team of scientists bring decades of expertise and know-how to the table, delivering high-quality solutions.  Our customers trust us to meet and exceed their requirements, thanks to our strict quality control processes.

  • CDMO Founded in 2021, we are building our name and reputation in an emerging industry with open and transparent collaborations.  We are at the forefront of mRNA technology and nucleic acid manufacturing, and are constantly innovating to better serve our customers.

  • GLOBAL – Labs located in Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, and Springfield Central, Queensland, Australia, with access to world-class resources and infrastructure. This allows us to deliver the best possible service to our clients, no matter where they are located.

  • EXPERTS – Our scientists are experts in their field, bringing unique experience in the area of nucleic acid production and GMP.  We believe in investing in our team, which allows us to create an innovative environment and cutting-edge solutions for our customers.


Southern RNA provides starting material for ATMP GMP manufacturing.

Co Cap™ A

Discover our co-transcriptional capping reagent for mRNA and lower the cost of your IVT.

Plasmid DNA Raw Material

Southern RNA is a supplier of starting material for ATMP manufacturing.

Analytical Testing

We develop cutting edge Process Analytics Technologies (PAT) and quality control testing to support high-quality manufacturing of pDNA and mRNA modalities.

Latest News

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Romain Tropée: Our Head of Science and Technology Driving Innovation at Southern RNA

Introducing Romain Tropée Southern RNA's scientific and technological advancements owe much to the leadership of Romain Tropée, the Head of Science and Technology. His approach and pursuit of excellence have propelled [...]

Get to know Karthik Magudeshwaran: An Accomplished Lead Scientist Driving Innovation at Southern RNA

Introducing Karthik Magudeshwaran Southern RNA is pleased to introduce Karthik Magudeshwaran, a Lead Scientist in our team who brings extensive experience and knowledge to our operations. Karthik joined us in August [...]

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