2024 Southern RNA Intern Cohort: Introducing Alpha

Welcoming Alpha to Southern RNA

We are excited to introduce Alpha, a bright and talented intern, as part of our inaugural cohort of interns for 2024 at Southern RNA. This marks a special milestone not only for Alpha but for our entire team as we embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and progress in the field of mRNA technology.

Alpha is pursuing a PhD at the University of Queensland on the topic of “Development of non-viral gene delivery platform for plasmid DNA and mRNA delivery”. Alpha has already started to make a significant impact by successfully performing his first dsRNA immunoblot assay, a critical procedure in ensuring the purity and safety of mRNA products. This achievement is not just a testament to Alpha's dedication and skill but also highlights the importance of dsRNA detection in the development of mRNA therapeutics.

mRNA Therapeutics and dsRNA contaminants

Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) detection is a cornerstone in the field of mRNA therapeutics. The presence of dsRNA as a by-product in mRNA synthesis can trigger innate immune responses, potentially leading to adverse effects. Therefore, ensuring the purity and safety of mRNA products is paramount for their therapeutic efficacy. By mastering the intricacies of dsRNA detection and their removal within Southern RNA platform process, we enhance our ability to produce safer, more effective mRNA therapies that can revolutionise medical treatments and vaccines.

Making an immediate impact

This achievement underscores Southern RNA's dedication to fostering talent and innovation. We're proud to support emerging scientists like Alpha, who bring fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to our mission.

Join us in welcoming and congratulating Alpha on this remarkable accomplishment. Here's to many more breakthroughs and milestones ahead!

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