Get to know Karthik Magudeshwaran: An Accomplished Lead Scientist Driving Innovation at Southern RNA

Introducing Karthik Magudeshwaran

Southern RNA is pleased to introduce Karthik Magudeshwaran, a Lead Scientist in our team who brings extensive experience and knowledge to our operations. Karthik joined us in August 2022, with a strong background spanning over 15 years in the biotech and biomanufacturing sector, including ten years in India's leading pharmaceutical companies before moving to Australia.

Karthik's educational background is notable, with an undergraduate degree in engineering biotechnology, an MBA in project management, and a master's in pharmaceutical medicine from UNSW. His professional experience includes roles at companies like Luina Bio in Australia, where he further developed his skills in process development and CGMP manufacturing.

Karthik's passion for bioprocessing

At Southern RNA, Karthik plays a vital role in plasmid DNA (pDNA) and mRNA manufacturing, applying his bioprocess expertise to improve our production capabilities. His daily responsibilities involve leading various process development activities, particularly in upstream and downstream pDNA production from E. coli, where he has made significant improvements in yield and produced high-quality pDNA. Karthik also works on the development of downstream purification processes of mRNA, adhering to our CGMP principles and supporting our mission to advance cell and gene therapy research and cancer medicine development.

Karthik's enthusiasm for Southern RNA stems from the potential he sees in mRNA technology, particularly its applications in cancer vaccines and treatments for rare genetic diseases. His optimism about the technology's promising clinical trial results reflects his commitment to contributing to significant advancements in healthcare.

Southern RNA collaborative culture

One of the aspects of Southern RNA that Karthik appreciates most is the collaborative environment, which he considers essential in developing advanced and competitive biotechnologies. He highlights the specialised skills within our team, which collectively enhance our strength and innovation in the field.

Looking to the future, Karthik is excited about Southern RNA's growth and the expansion of our CGMP facilities. He plans to leverage his diverse experience to contribute to the success of our mRNA facility, focusing on quality and regulatory compliance. His forward-thinking perspective and commitment to excellence are integral to Southern RNA's journey toward a bright future in biotechnology and manufacturing.

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